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Hirsutism is the medical name for excessive hair growth for men and women, it is when your body grows more facial and body hair than the average person should.

Hirsutism may be a bigger issue for females around the world than it is to men, but that doesn't mean that this issue does not cause inconvenience for the male gender too. Excess hair causes you to sweat more, more likely to suffer from body odor issues even when showering regularly and at times make you insecure about the odd appearance of your body. When such a matter starts affecting your daily life, there is no shame in getting it under control; whether you are a male or a female.

The biggest difference between the hair that grows on a female’s face and body is often referred to as “Peach Fuzz”, excess or overgrowth of hair on a female’s face, chest, arms and back is usually more coarse and dark.That’s when it becomes similar to the hair growth on a male’s body, which calls for resolving the issue and controlling the amount of hair on the body. This happens due to high levels of male hormones, those hormones are called androgens and because they have testosterone they cause more hair growth and other male characteristics such as having a deep voice.

Hair removal is considered to be a nonmedical way to get rid of excessive or unwanted hair, but it’s harmless and it actually works! These methods that many women and men use to keep their legs, privates, and underarms free of hair for different reasons including personal hygiene and beauty. If you have  hirsutism, you must be more proactive about shaving, waxing or even using depilatories. For long term results and efficiency, you can rely on electrolysis to permanently eliminate coarse and unwanted hair on your face and body. How electrolysis (laser hair removal) works is actually very simple, it just uses concentrated light rays to damage your hair follicles to stop their growth. Once that damage happens, follicles can’t produce hair again which means that hair that’s present falls out, never to grow again. Problem solved, once and for all!

If you notice abnormal hair growth or changes in hair growth pace, it is advised that you consult immediately with your doctor as it can be an unhealthy sign which needs to be treated.

Stay Happy & Healthy, Amman!

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